JStrongTM Transformers

JSHP’s JStrongTM transformer are designed for offshore wind turbine cell installation. It can withstand the internal arcing without tank rupture and causing fire.

Click here for the tank arcing explosion-resistance verification test video up to 37MJ

JStrongTM Transformers:

Per IEEE C57 / IEC 60067 / GBT1094.1

KV Class 36kV 72.5kV
MVA Ratings Up to 10 MVA Up to 10 MVA
Tap ± 2 x 2.5% ± 2 x 2.5%
Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Tank Withstanding Arcing 35 MJ ( 10 kg TNT) 35MJ ( 10 kg TNT)

JSHP has delivered 40,000+ GSU/Skid/Containers for renewable applications including dry-type wind turbine cell transformers worldwide.