Over a hundred of JSHP transformers has been delivered to USA/Canada since 2009. There are some typical ones here

BC Hydro: 2 units of 230KV 400MVA Auto-transformers delivered in 2010:

Bayonne Energy Center GSUs: 345KV 610MVA, etc:

New York Power Authority: 5 units of 230KV 140MVA GSUs delivered from 2010 to 2013 to the Niagara Station

City of Lakelan, Florida: 230KV 150MVA Auto-transformer delivered in 2009

Grand Dam River Authority: 345KV 280MVA Auto-transformer delivered in 2010

Bechtel Canada: 8 units of 69KV 40MVA, 2 units of 46KV, 24MVA delivered in 2009